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Bluetooth Oscilloscope.
It can be used on PCs running Windows, Mac OS or Linux system with Bluetooth. This means that there is no any wired connection to the computer, which can guarantee its safety, as well as portability.
The oscilloscope is the most frequently used, most flexible device for electric measurements. It visualizes an electric potential over time function, producing much more information than other potential and current measurement methods. With an oscilloscope the following quantities can be either directly or indirectly measured: direct voltage, alternating voltage, direct current, alternating current, time, time delay, phase, phase difference, frequency to view live waveforms, make measurements.


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  • Portability
  • Wireless
  • Compact
  • Useing of touchscreen capabilities for app controlling;
  • Simple to use, intuitive.


  • Demo mode;
  • Measure: frequency, min/max, peak-peak;
  • Cursors, which are lines that can be moved about the screen to measure the time interval between two points,
    or the difference between two voltages;
  • Types of trigger: Auto, Scan, Normal and Single;
  • Shows remote device battery level;
  • Shows trigger level information;
  • Save screen captures;
  • Save signal data to file in csv format;

Protocol Decoders:

  • SPI
  • I2C
  • Guess bitrate
  • UART
  • 1-Wire link layer
  • IR NEC

Control the following functions

  • Start/stop/single acquisition;
  • Change time/div with two fingers motion;
  • Change volts/div with two fingers motion;
  • Turn channels on/off;
  • Horisontal position of signal on screen;
  • Select trigger type/level;
  • Set trigger to zero level by double clicking;