During development of AR-Oscilloscope app I have prepared a testing module to test Bluetooth comunication. After testing I found that this tool is pretty funny thing and can be very useful for some people. RemSensors is running on one android device and connect to the AR-Oscilloscope app that is running on the other device.
You can use the same features that AR-Oscilloscope app has, microphone, accelerometer and demo mode, that are run on remote device with RemSensors. You can see the results, and control settings from the another device with AR-Oscilloscope app. It is like remote sensors. You can put one device in one room and see the sound waveform in the other room. The same with Accelerometer. Accelerometer can be used as leveler as well ( Calibrate option will be available ). So you can put one device on some surface and see the level of it from another place.
I beleive there are a lot of other ways how to use this tool.
RemSensors should be available on Google Play soon.


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