Auxiscope Bluetooth DSO OPX-1600, 2 Ch, 12 MHz, 50 MS/s Red


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Starring a dual-channel 50 MS/s Bluetooth oscilloscope, the Auxiscope is the world's first lab instrument which works on a tablet and a smartphone using Bluetooth.
An oscilloscope is the basic measurement device for anyone involved in hardware tinkering: it allows you to see how the voltage behaves at any point in your design, at an y moment in time. Much like a breakpoint in a software, which allows you to verify the value of all variables at a certain moment in time. The Auxiscope should be the tool to optimize the debugging and development of your project.


Free updates
You can’t usually upgrade traditional test equipment. If the device is upgradable it will often need a time–consuming and expensive trip back to the manufacturer. Auxiscope software is regularly updated with feature extensions and improvements. These can be downloaded for free from our website or Google-Play and ensure that your oscilloscope will always have the latest features and enhancements. You install the new version of the AR-Oscilloscope, connect to the Auxiscope and upload the new firmware version to the device.

User Interface
On all existing USB oscilloscopes, the software clearly has been an afterthought. While competitors try to imitate traditional scopes by literally demanding the user to rotate knobs with a mouse, the Auxiscope reinvents the way we will operate oscilloscopes, fully using touch screen and wireless!
The Auxiscope allows everyone to own a personal lab in their pockets!


  • Wireless
  • Portability
  • Useing of touchscreen capabilities for app controlling;
  • Simple to use, intuitive.
  • Galvanic isolation


  • Measure: frequency, min/max, peak-peak;
  • Cursors, which are lines that can be moved about the screen to measure the time interval between two poi nts,
    or the difference between two voltages;
  • Types of trigger: Auto, Scan, Normal and Single;
  • Device battery level;
  • Trigger level information;
  • Save signal data to file in csv format;

Control the following functions

  • Start/stop/single acquisition;
  • Change time/div with two fingers motion;
  • Change volts/div with two fingers motion;
  • Turn channels on/off;
  • Horisontal position of signal on screen;
  • Select trigger type/level;

User's Guide

User's Guide PDF


Technical Details

  • Number of channels
  • Analog bandwidth
  • Resolution
  • Sample rate
  • Buffer length
  • DC accuracy
  • Linearity
  • Input impedance
  • Input coupling
  • Auto measure
  • Cursor measurement
  • Time base range
  • Vertical sensitivity
  • Triggers
  • Max input voltage
  • Battery life
  • Communication
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • 2
  • 12 MHz
  • 8 bit
  • 50 MS/s each channel
  • 2000 points
  • +/- 5%
  • +/- 1 LSB
  • 1 MΩ, in parallel with 20 pF
  • AC/DC
  • Vmax, Vmin, Vamp, Freq, Period
  • Period, Voltage
  • 500 ns - 10 s / div
  • 10 mV/div - 1V/div (1x probe), 100 mV/div - 10V/div (10x probe)
  • Auto, Normal, Single
  • 8 Vpp (1x probe), 80 Vpp (10x probe)
  • 5 hours
  • Bluetooth, SPP profile (Android, Windows, Linux, OS X)
  • 147 x 89 x 25 mm (5.8 x 3.5 x 0.98 in)
  • 125 g (4.4 oz)

Hardware triggers

  • Trigger modes
  • Basic triggers
  • Trigger source
  • Normal, auto, single, SCAN
  • Rising / falling edge triggers
  • CH1/CH2


  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OSX


  • Charging
  • Total Satisfaction

  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Micro USB connector
  • In the event that this product does not fully meet your requirements
    you can return it for an exchange or refund. To claim,
    the product must be returned in good condition within 14 days.
  • 1 year
  • $199.99

Package content

  • Auxiscope Bluetooth DSO OPX-1600, 2 Ch, 12 MHz, 50 MS/s Red
  • Probes are not included

  • You can order probes here P6100-G

Out of stock


Richard O cilloscope. — Oct-07 ,2021 10:03 am
I want to order Two !!!! please order more ...
Stock — Aug-07 ,2021 5:02 pm
When will you have stock to sell?
david — May-06 ,2021 2:29 am
I'll take 2 more if you order more. If you do, contact me. Previous order #OSC570442caa495c
Mikea — Mar-02 ,2020 8:26 pm
Are you planning on restocking these at all, or is it over?
Eric — Feb-17 ,2020 1:22 am
When do you expect to have stock again
Response - Mar-02 ,2020 9:28 pm
If there are enough people who want to buy an oscilloscope, we will order a new batch. Please write who would like to purchase the device.
Eric — Jan-17 ,2020 1:22 am
Do you still have products?
Can you help me ship to Taiwan?
How much is the shipping cost?
Response - Feb-16 ,2020 12:51 pm
Now we don't have any products.
Marcelo — Dec-24 ,2018 12:57 pm
Hi ! how cost shippment to Argentina Buenos Aires City or City Valdivia - Chile ?
Response - Dec-27 ,2018 1:58 am
Shipment to Argentina will be about $33.75
Barrett — Jun-05 ,2018 11:16 am
What is the frequency range of this scope?
Response - Jun-12 ,2018 9:27 pm
It is up to 12 MHz
Peter Luckham — Dec-09 ,2017 2:37 pm
When do you expect to have stock again
Response - Dec-15 ,2017 9:57 pm
It should be end of January.
Sudhir — Sep-28 ,2017 7:59 am
Hi, do you ship to India, if yes what will be the shipment cost ?
Response - Sep-28 ,2017 9:49 am
Shipping to India will cost about $34.45
Chuck — Jul-31 ,2017 4:16 pm
Does the device have a spectrum analyzer function? I need that in particular.
Response - Aug-01 ,2017 2:02 am
There is no spectrum analyzer option in Auxiscope.
Roberto — Mar-02 ,2017 3:43 pm
Will it be able to measure 480V with a larger probe? It says the input max is 160V.
Response - Mar-02 ,2017 10:34 pm
If you need measure high voltage then you can get a 100:1 probe.
With that probe you can measure voltage up to 800V
Gildardo Lizama — Mar-01 ,2017 11:59 am
Do you ship to Mexico? Can you estimate shipping costs? and Is the price in dollars?
Response - Mar-01 ,2017 12:19 pm
Yes we do. Estimation for shipping is $32.45. Yes, the price is in US dollars.
Jari — Jan-25 ,2017 3:40 am
Do you ship to Finland? Can you estimate shipping costs?
Response - Jan-26 ,2017 9:52 am
Yes we do. Shipping starts at $35.45 to $70 and depending on the amount of goods ordered.
Tykocki — Nov-28 ,2016 8:51 am
Do you ship to Polish
Response - Nov-28 ,2016 11:15 am
Yes, we do.
Lucas Mateo — Nov-19 ,2016 5:12 am
Do you ship to the dominican republic? How long will it take?
Larry — Nov-03 ,2016 7:30 am
Any type of glitch detection?
Response - Nov-07 ,2016 9:26 pm
No, we don't have any glitch detection functionality.
morrissey — Oct-01 ,2016 6:21 am
Hi,i usually work wiht oscilloscopes in my workwench and i wonder if this device it's fine to work in frecuencies of 4mhz and the accuracy of the readings in vertical axis.thank you
Response - Oct-03 ,2016 2:11 pm
It is possible to measure 4 MHz signal. Please see the sample of 5 MHz sine wave signal screenshot.
Rodolfo Rosales — Jun-04 ,2016 3:10 am
hello, the sinusoidal signal of 121 volts alternating current is out of scale with the tip of x10 oscilloscope,. Happens, I use a cell samsung android note 5 with version 5.1.1. Help me. my mail is coreo
Response - Jun-05 ,2016 10:10 pm
If you need measure high voltage then you can get a 100:1 probe, such as this one:

With this probe you can measure voltage up to 800V
Jorge Ramos — Apr-22 ,2016 3:09 pm
Do you ship to Mexico? How long will it take?
Response - Apr-22 ,2016 9:26 pm
Yes, we do. Depending on the shipping method you select it may take from 3 to 14 days.
Jerry Fang — Mar-31 ,2016 12:35 pm
Hi, those this take the regular BNC connectors??
Response - Apr-01 ,2016 9:30 am
Yes, it uses standard BNC connectors.
SGN — Dec-20 ,2015 5:00 am
Do You ship to India. How long it will take?
Response - Dec-20 ,2015 9:29 pm
Yes we do. I believe shipping may take from 2 to 3 week.
Emanuele — Dec-03 ,2015 6:58 pm
Is it available? Do you ship to Italy? Thanks
Response - Dec-04 ,2015 12:05 am
Yes, it is available now and we could ship to Italy as well.
Joo — Oct-28 ,2015 4:47 am
Hi, I'm from Korea. I have read some of the above comments. So i can get it in Korea if i have paypal account. Is right? And i want to know exactly when to get back in stocks. Thank you.
Response - Oct-29 ,2015 12:27 pm
Yes, we had couple deliveries to South Korea. Now Auxiscope is in BACKORDER status, approximate availability is end of November.
So you can order it now and we will ship as soon as it will be available.
whoabdcar — Oct-18 ,2015 8:17 pm
Are you are of stock? When do you estimate will it normalize?
Response - Oct-20 ,2015 9:22 am
In a month we should have next batch.
Howie69 — Oct-12 ,2015 8:46 pm
Does it also have usb connectivity for devices without bluetooth or faster data transfer?
Response - Oct-13 ,2015 11:36 am
No, there is no such functionality right now.
Juan Carlos Rey — Sep-30 ,2015 7:02 am
How do I buy the oscilloscope? I'm from Argentina. Thanks.
Response - Sep-30 ,2015 10:37 am
If you have PayPal account you can easily buy oscilloscope by pressing 'Add to cart' button, it will bridge you on Cart page, and then proceed with checkout using PayPal.
juan carlos — Sep-27 ,2015 6:39 pm
Do you ship to Argentina o rChile?
Response - Sep-28 ,2015 10:35 am
Yes, we do.
Erik — Jun-25 ,2015 10:50 pm
I love the idea of using a tablet with touch screen control for an oscilloscope...and wireless to boot...excellent. Do you have any plans for a higher frequency model...say 30 to 50 MHZ. I would expect it to cost a good deal more, but the flexibility of wireless and touchscreen is very intriguing.
Jacques du Toit — Apr-09 ,2015 3:37 am
Please email me your production schedule for OPX-1600-R
Do you have any plans to increase the A2D bit resolution to 16 bits?
Response - Apr-10 ,2015 2:49 pm
We will notify you about production schedule.
Currently we have no plans to increase resolution to 16 bit.
arilson mendes — Feb-11 ,2015 8:01 am
great device!

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